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no but im sorry but eventually roxy will just run out of happy and jus t be super depressed she does it all the time

roxy bein happy rn means a lot to me bc the thing that tyki and allen told me abt is making me cry so i just… happ roxy

{¤}- ”!!!!!!!”



haha im in the restaurant w everyone who did our schools bugsy malone and im stuck w all the year 8s and literally none of my friends have asked if i want to sit with them thanks guys

roxy is my Fav oc of mine i just really love her ok

violinixt Asked: "Happy birthday, Ro-xy! I was afraid I wasn't gonna make it in time, but..." Rin holds out a box of dark chocolates, grinning.

{¤}- "Well, uh. You sort of did. My birthday was on Monday, and today is Thursday…”

"But thank you! I’m just happy to have you back, I missed you!" She doesn’t even take the chocolates. She just hugs him, wow, gay.

i honestly Cannot be bothered to redo roxys sprites gggggg

i have four tiffany and co engagemenet ring tabs open out rn and if that doesnt tell u how much i get invested into my ocs i dont know what will